Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Selina Ren Jiaxuan calls her when confess of male friend of detail of love of sweetness exposing to the sun oneself ” elder sister “ 20220323120152 623b0c30719ddSelina holds the post of a Xuan and male friend 20220323120152 623b0c30977e0Ella is interviewed On March 23, selina Ren Jiaxuan shows a body first after government-owned announce love, for main actor film ” first 7 ” conduct propaganda, she is accepted response amour experts when interviewing, divulge two people are in love about time of half an year, she cries when still divulging the boy friend professions ” elder sister ” . The other side is very active very close also, make Selina brave try sister younger brother to love. Nevertheless, selina is very sober, had experienced her traumatic, change somewhat to marital idea, “I suffer effect of fairy tale story in one’s childhood, princess of meeting dream prince is happy all one’s life, life program also is to want to marry to give birth to a child. Seem to have an opportunity again now, dan Shunji is natural, show level to won’t want to marry again, enjoy instantly first, happy more important. ” teammate Ella discloses to media before this, she knows the amour of Selina as early as Hebe, see good sister is easy identify love, they feel happy, no matter how the amour of Selina develops,emphasize, they can support good sister, also encourage her not to refuse any lot and possibility. It is reported, at the beginning of the month, selina Ren Jiaxuan of 40 years old is easy and open amour, write down in gregarious platform ” Chun Nuanhua leaves, my spring also came ” . As we have learned, male friend is younger than Selina circle alien of 7 years old, the profession is a businessman, two people were in love last year, be in period of be passionately in love now. This is Selina since divorcing more than 5 years, first degrees of happiness identifies love, vermicelli made from bean starch is her happy serve a blessing. 20220323120152 623b0c30c22f1Guan Xuan

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