Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: “Ace secret service ” Aigedu affects new coronal to suspend a week of performance of new theatrical work 20220324000017 623bb491c505aDalun Aigedu is in ” ace secret service ” in piece act male advocate Eggsy Beijing time on March 24, according to foreign media coverage, actor Dalun Aigedu (” ace secret service ” ) new coronal detects for masculine gender. He is giving the London that act on the west the area is Thespian ” Cock ” the Fang Xuan that make Buaigedu will be absent because of segregation performance a week, predict return arena next week, joel Harper-Jackson will be temporary reserve the part of his personate. It is reported, the Aigedu when the premiere at the beginning of this play month also encountered a situation: His stagewise faint. In order says after the doctor is treated, aigedu lies between a day to also say he is no problem completely, besides the neck slightly ache adds proper pride be thwarted.

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