Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Renown producer Qiu is wide check of north showing a body is accused bequest of embezzlement teacher Pei Xiangquan 20220324040043 623becebd4bbaQiu is wide check of north showing a body On March 24, according to stage intermediary report, arrange of Taipei ground check 24 days of open a court session, qiu is wide check of next north showing a body are accompanied to spy law court in the lawyer. Renown the production teacher Pei Xiangquan with producer Qiu wide dies of illness 7 years ago, love apprentice Qiu because of leaving 200 million yuan of legacy with will means wide wait for a person, pei Xianglin of little sister of Dan Peixiang spring thinks the will is invalid, charge Qiu is wide the bequest that is suspected of embezzlement Pei Xiangquan, after the first instance of court of civil suit classics that its mention adjudicates the will is invalid, pei Xianglin mentions criminal lawsuit again, be at present in open a court session. It is reported, pei Xiangquan died of illness in May 2015, die at the age of is 73 years old, stay ghostwrite the will left Qiu of apprentice giving love 200 million yuan of legacy wide wait for a person, the doubt of little sister Pei Xianglin of Dan Peixiang spring ghostwrites testamentary authenticity, of its Xiang Qiu is wide get back bequest to be carried besides northerly courtyard after refus by outside accusing a will to disable, also mention to Qiu Nv ” criminal law ” of embezzlement blame tell. Be opposite as to Pei Xianglin Qiu is wide mention the told part such as criminal embezzlement blame, arrange of Taipei ground check makes an appointment with Tan Qiu with the accused identity today wide.

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