Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Han Zeng ” lone namely Tartarean ” deny make the 2nd season: Still do not have final conclusion

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20220324040056 623becf8d550cHan Zeng ” lone namely Tartarean ” deny make the 2nd season On March 24, according to Han intermediary, report of intermediary of Han of relevant personage response will be made ” lone namely Tartarean ” the message of the 2nd season, express to have not decide. Recently, the report says Netflix is achieved formerly ” lone namely Tartarean ” the 2nd season will be made, the response represented relevant public figure on March 24: “Without final conclusion. ” it is reported, will make public first last year in December ” lone namely Tartarean ” it is to be in the lone appointment true person that the Gu island hell that makes sweethearts ability go out only spreads out on the island is beautiful, the Korea that becomes first success to enter world pop chart program of put together art.

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