Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Netizen figure is warmed by approach of love of baleful comment cereal the heart leaves a message: Not self-confident talent goes mocking others 20220324040059 623becfb00ce6Gu Ailing safeguards a netizen 20220324040059 623becfb5ab39Gu Ailing On March 24, on some socialization platform, the netizen had baleful comment to the figure of elder sister of a young lady, the rise high of love of world champion cereal that gains outstanding achievement on the Olympic Winter Games replies personally after see: “Only not self-confident talent mocks others. The body of everybody is different, if my Miao is too uninteresting without individual character. I hope to you can learn one day and my life is enjoyed like this beautiful elder sister. ” warm heart of Gu Ailing leaves a message harvested a lot of netizens praise, she carried off for China on athletic competition ground not only honorable, it is under competition ground, also brought to netizens a lot of energy.

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