Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Mai Li is private the plane is hit by lightning newspaper of urgent crash dispatch is restful

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20220324040105 623bed0154315Mai Li is private the plane is hit to tighten urgent crash by lightning On March 23, the United States ” small Queen of heaven ” wheat Li · Sailesi dispatch: “The vermicelli made from bean starch that sends me mixes all hearing we are flown to inferior the person that worries for us after the experience in Song Sen road. Our flying good luck arrived to break out strong storm, in electrical shock be showinged. After urgent crash, the staff member that flies together with me, band, friend and domestic person are very safe. Very unfortunate we cannot fly to Paraguay. Love you. ” Sailesi is undertaking · of Li of wheat of it is reported at present oneself global make one’s rounds acts.

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