Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Roc wife shows body hospital doubt to give birth to child of hug of 3 embryoes baby-sitter to get on a car quickly 20220324040125 623bed159ad03Roc wife shows body hospital doubt to give birth to 3 embryoes 20220324040125 623bed15de5f4Baby-sitter is adopting the child Recently, the wife Zhang Wenlou that media of the Eight Diagrams pats roc looks after children hospital showing a body, baby-sitter still follows beside, darling looks not quite, doubt is like is roc and the 3 embryoes baby that Zhangwen shows. Zhang Wenlou wore coat of a black that day, gave a hospital, zhang Wenlou is pointing to the car that should take, let baby-sitter holding the child in the arms to get on a car first. It is reported, the roc before this and wife Zhang Wenlou already absurd left two daughters. 20220324040126 623bed16229a3Roc and two daughters

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