Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: For MU5735 victim stand in silent tribute ” great detective ” announce to suspend broadcasting now 20220324040137 623bed211a711” great detective ” announce the program suspends broadcasting now 20220324040137 623bed213d3e9Big detective program On March 24, to pay stand in silent tribute to victim of aviation accident of Dong Hang MU5735, former on 24 meridian midday 12: 00 broadcast ” great detective ” the decision suspends broadcasting, program series issues an announcement and express regret. On March 21, boat plane MU5735 is in east crash of Guangxi Wu city, cause attention of the whole people. 23 days of evening, “3 ยท 21 ” lash-up of home of homeland of Dong Hangfei act deals with headquarters holds the 3rd press conference in Guangxi Wu city, guangxi fire control comes to help Zheng of total group total team leader is reported on the west, fire control rescuer discovers partial plane debris and remains wreckage, a black box already was found, preliminary decide for cockpit speech logger.

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