Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Yang Tianzhen does poineering work again after undeserved agent establish new company to be called ” true ties of friendship “ 20220324040144 623bed2891727Yang Tianzhen establishs new company 20220324040145 623bed299dca8Yang Tianzhen Check according to look forward to check APP to show, on March 23, brand of Shanghai true ties of friendship manages limited company to hold water, the legal representative is Yang Saiwei (Yang Tianzhen) , register capital to be 5 million yuan of RMBs, scope of operations includes: Commercial show; Publication Internet is sold; Publication is wholesale; Show broker; Network culture is managed etc. Look forward to is checked check equity to penetrate show, this company is held jointly by Yang Saiwei, Liu Huilan, hold respectively 99.9% , 0.1% .

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