Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: The film ” hag 2 ” because epidemic situation shows time to cannot assure,delay is shown 20220324080016 623c2510a5eaaThe film ” hag 2 ” head hair stage photo On March 24, shen Shiya, Jinduomei, Li Zhongshuo acts the leading role, the motion picture that shows on April formerly ” hag 2 ” , because new coronal epidemic situation adjourns,come second half of the year. It is reported, ” hag 2 ” before make ” hag ” showed 2018, it is the popular work that attracts 3.18 million audience. Jin Duomei is broken through 1500 lead than the competition of 1, be chosen to be a hero, the acting that showed unlike newlywed person raised existence to feel. ” hag 2 ” also be breakthrough of Shen Shiya of new personality actor 1408 be chosen to be a main actor to suffer fully than the competitive rate of 1 expect. After plus the actor Li Zhongshuo retires from army, chose ” hag 2 ” as reappear work, the heroine gold that makes before is much more beautiful also will special piece act, because this equipment gets attention. ” hag 2 ” relevant personage expresses: “Show date remit to second half of the year. But will look from current condition, second half of the year is shown also assure hard. Second half of the year is shown also assure hard..

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