Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Iranian name guides the law breaths out the base of a fruit ” a hero ” be appealed to to borrowed student film

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The intermediary outside occupying reports, because Hattie of law of haing · of Iranian director A Si is new piece ” a hero ” be faced with at present sue, azade Maxizade of his the one student before the name claims, this film piracy the newsreel that oneself film on his class ” All Winner, all Laugers ” . The archetypal man of film also had suit to Fahadidi, think configuration resembled a medium empty to be formed to oneself calumniatory. These lawsuit may breath out the base of a fruit and Maxizade to cause serious consequence to the law. According to the view of Maxizade’s lawyer, if the court maintains a law to breath out piracy of the base of a fruit ” All Winner, all Laugers ” accusation holds water, he will ” a hero ” the gross wages that shows place to earn on cinema or net turns over Maxizade, face imprisonment possibly even. And if Ma Xi Zade breaths out the base of a fruit because of law of bring a false charge against sb and enroach on his reputation and be sentenced guilty, will be faced with highest set term of imprisonment of 2 years and 74 whip punishment (at present Iranian punishment is made in the criminal that still exists is punished) . Fahadi denied these accusation, right still his before the student mentioned countercharge, accuse its are calumniatory. Current, 3 lawsuit are undertaking in synchronism, the court still has no final ruling. It is reported, the film ” a hero ” meet at knocking gently the commissioner is obtained on accept film festival 2021 large award, the line on media shed in the United States this year in January. Law of haing · of director A Si breaths out Ceng Ping of the base of a fruit ” take leave of ” ” bagman ” win Oscar twice optimal foreign language piece award.

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