Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: For MU5735 victim stand in silent tribute! ” ablaze day ” announce to suspend broadcasting 20220324080109 623c2545f08ee” ablaze day ” announce to suspend broadcasting On March 21, boat plane MU5735 is in east crash of Guangxi Wu city, in rescueing the job to undertaking at present, accident scene had discovered partial plane debris and human body organize a fragment. On March 24, for stand in silent tribute of brethren of aviation accident of Dong Hang MU5735, former on today midday 12: 00 broadcast ” ablaze day ” the decision suspends broadcasting. Program series dispatch informs and express regret: “Each audience, decide formerly today midday 12:00 on of the line ” ablaze day ” suspend broadcasting since today, appreciate everybody’s support. Appreciate everybody’s support..

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