Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Zhao Lou is thought of sue more beautiful encroach effigies to counterpoise successful court adjudicates compensation 50 thousand make an apology 20220324080129 623c255918079Result of legal copy clerk 20220324080129 623c255960128Result of legal copy clerk 20220324080129 623c2559b3df5Tort of more beautiful company 20220324080130 623c255a0840fCase outcome 20220324080130 623c255a50e59Zhao Lou is thought of Recently, weather eye checks App to show, zhao Lou considers issue of liability of tort of network of limited company of science and technology of as more beautiful as Beijing interactive information copy clerk of law of two first instance is open. Writ shows, accuser Zhao dew is thought of appeal to say, the accused is more beautiful interactive company without accredit, in accuser of the make free with in article of commercial conduct propaganda much Zhang Xiao resembles illuminating, violate its effigies right. The accused argue says subjective on the purpose that does not have commercial conduct propaganda, promotion, go up objectively to achieve the conduct propaganda, result that extends benefit of the accused commerce impossibly also. Forensic cognizance thinks, the small letter that more beautiful interactive company sends promotion plastics hairdressing with Yu Xuan in its uses accuser picture on public date, and have seek profits purpose, the effigies that encroached accuser counterpoises. Final court adjudicates more beautiful interactive company is thought of to Zhao Lou make an apology, compensate for a loss to add up to 50 thousand yuan.

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