Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: For MU5735 victim stand in silent tribute many put together art the program announces to suspend broadcasting

20220324080226 623c2592bc4d8” ablaze day ” announce to suspend broadcasting On March 21, boat plane MU5735 is in east crash of Guangxi Wu city, cause attention of the whole people. Accident scene had found a black box and partial plane debris and fragment of human body organization at present. On March 24, for stand in silent tribute of brethren of aviation accident of Dong Hang MU5735, program of many put together art announces to suspend broadcasting, among them Hunan TV station announces ” every day up ” , ” great detective ” wait for all put together art program suspension a week broadcasts. 20220324080227 623c2593b3815

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Pray blessing also leaves a message in succession after the netizen sees: “Pray, the person that wish to die rests. ” ” understand, support, wish disaster is far from! Wish disaster is far from!!

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