Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Zhang Lan is denied with big S contradiction of existence wife and mother exposes to the sun reason of divorce of big S Wang Xiaofei 20220324120014 623c5d4e556c5The netizen suspects big S and Wang Xiaofei divorce to be concerned with Zhang Lan Recently, zhang Lan direct seeding from time to tome the netizen leaves a message: “Does big S concern with you bad to divorced? ” , her life answers: “What big S marries is Wang Xiaofei, marry 10 years the home that I have me, she also did not live together with me, what which come is contradictory? Husband and wife does not go down too, matter with feeling, have nothing to do with forever with the mother-in-law. ” and Zhang Lan once more refer child brings up a topic, she says: “The grandma thinks child perfectly justified, but the option that I value Wang Xiaofei. ” report according to stage intermediary before this, actor big S (Xu Xiyuan) announce and ” cruel dragon ” after the member provides Jun Ye to remarry, mother-in-law Zhang Lan reacts to this before also get attention fully. Zhang Lan disclosed Wang Xiaofei insomnia a few days ago, also won’t want to contend for those who answer grandchildren to raise advantageous position, but 21 days she is like a mood to break down in the doubt between direct seeding, him speak bluntly raised Wang Xiaofei 8 years alone after the divorce, talk grandchildren more weep: “The child is in Taipei, how do I want? ” the question that the Zhang Lan before this has been asked to grandbaby raises advantageous position, but she states she is not at that time do not miss 2 children, also not be to had been not contended for, it is to not be willing to look at two children helplessly to follow departure of one’s own mom, direct say ” if your mother-in-law took away the child forcibly, you are willing ” , think to should not take away the child beside one’s own mother, and this action obtains a lot of netizen admiration at that time. It is reported, big S barks at was being mixed on November 22, 2021 announce of small humble official divorces, do not mix to 4 months provide Jun Ye to remarry, netizen doubt divorce and before mother-in-law Zhang Lan is concerned.

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