Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Dark jab jab scatters candy! Big S is basked in according to inside Tibet ” SK ” allude two people name 20220324120044 623c5d6c47174Big S basks in a photograph in gregarious platform 20220324120044 623c5d6c7d9ccBig S basks in the S in the photograph and K 20220324120044 623c5d6cb29beThe netizen comments on an area Recently, after big S remarries, in socialization platform releases trends first. Among them a piece of photograph is two bottles of wine, the picture on body is worn big S and provide Jun Ye the design of the love before recumbent phone weighs add 20 years, match on the photograph civil ” money of close Valentine’s Day demarcate ” , there is delegate big S in more attentive netizen discovers a photograph ” S ” with what provide Jun Ye ” K ” , this meaning also is not character is axiomatic, also experienced the candy of jab of big S dark jab. According to the report, it is private and custom-built that big S basks in the cocktail that go out, come from Zhang Huimei agent the store of some bottled cocktail concept that Chen Zhenchuan runs. Chen Zhenchuan discloses to the reporter, “Big S agent looks for us actively this, the other side says to the party needs custom-built wine, so I recommended the combination that the Valentine’s Day before this rolls out, feel special to suit big S and the romantic meet again after providing Jun Ye 20 years.

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