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Original title: Be held in the arms! Big star | Sea Qing Dynasty is brave in to try controversy sex part Sun Liyan peach is contended for common heart is held in the arms after inspecting

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Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (Jiang Jiamin / Wen Xuan counters an image / graph) recently, sea clear be a guest Sohu video contains item of put together art ” be held in the arms! Big star ” . In the program, sea Qing Dynasty shared many filming ” the heart is resided ” experience. She expresses, oneself like to perform the character of open to question sex, did not create a desire to goddess part. Refer whether by right of ” the heart is resided ” after taking Bai Yulan to inspect, realize the vole after inspecting, the sea is clear not Care, “Award it is additionally one kind of way that encourage and praises, but it from go up at all the motivation that won’t affect me to continue to act in a play. ” ” the heart is resided ” the Feng Xiaoqin of Caspian clear personate, it is the character of a very open to question sex undoubtedly. On one hand, as daughter-in-law, her willingly bear the burden of hard works, the one great master that serves husband child, say a bit badlier to listen, it is a free baby-sitter, let popular feeling give birth to take pity on. And on the other hand, she the small sister-in-law that egg on husband lets have money buys a house to them, this kind of reap without sowing psychology is unavoidable let person midriff answer. And finally, feng Xiaoqin’s husband also is in this farce get killed, let person sigh. To Feng Xiaoqin this character, sea Qing Dynasty analyses very deeply: “We each person is not a sage, can have this drawback, that defect. This play is good, depend on it won’t color a part, let you feel to be like this part to have all sorts of Gao Guang, aureola, perfect. Perfect (part) very few really, major person is can go up in a lot of degree hoggish. This drama also shows a lot of hoggish sides of Feng Xiaoqin to you to look, I feel result or hope can communicate a kind of altruistic spirit finally, is hoggish not just. ” Haiqing speak bluntly, the role that performs controversy sex needs courage, “Because of her adequately true, have power, regular meeting somebody feels why you want so do, you not should such. ” the allure that Dan Haiqing cannot defy this kind of part again, “My play all along is such, actually open to question character, I can give tall cent, the part of goddess I am not to have creation desire very much. The part of goddess I am not to have creation desire very much..

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Conversational sea is clear: Chance of Mesozoic Era female star is a few more really, but still be faced with recreation of Sohu of a lot of problems: Its are honest ” the heart is resided ” before, you also had taken similar subject matter, when receiving this theatrical work at that time, can hesitate a bit, may miss the part before repeating? Sea Qing Dynasty: The part can repeat not quite, because every part sets the disposition of scene character, the thing that still experiences somewhat not quite the meeting is same. But it is concerned with the house really, the show that because I am patted,buys a house is quite much. But the likelihood is more different is the relation inside this Shanghai family, human relation can have a few different. The likelihood is more before the life that shows herself, she has the family of herself now, she dies the husband’s family. Sohu recreation: How to also hesitate actually at that time so next? Sea Qing Dynasty: Hesitant. But at that time, when Hua Tao looks for me, be every time, I am the performance that hopes to be able to a few different a few approaches help me. Add the has a lot of reason when be duped, at the beginning I have a few hesitation, but the play that I know to Hua Tao is done is safer, so called safety is him regular meeting compares large a few spaces to the actor, he also is met very serious, this also is lie between when him old, the work of an intention of return small screen. I also saw earlier stage novel, I feel the novel is very wonderful also, so I say then I come later. Sohu recreation: The length that you see this inaccessibly in drama delivers model, do you have see the netizen is evaluated to yours? Say to had felt different. Sea Qing Dynasty: Not bad, the part needs. Sohu recreation: Why do you feel Feng Xiaoqin is need long hair? Sea Qing Dynasty: A such woman, at the beginning her this kind depends on feeling is relatively a few stronger, she is so likely won’t so individualize, so independent. Plus because there still is other show at the back of me, also cannot cut off a hair quite. Sohu recreation: The netizen may say you long hair has feminine taste more, are oneself met so feel? Sea Qing Dynasty: Had not considered this issue.

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Sohu recreation: In this drama, feng Xiaoqin is not a very ideal person actually. After the likelihood broadcasted, can have a lot of controversy, are so you how look upon of this character? Sea Qing Dynasty: We each person is not a sage, we can have this drawback, that defect. This play is good, depend on her won’t color a part, let you feel to be like this part to have all sorts of Gao Guang, aureola, perfect, perfect very few really. Major person is can go up in a lot of degree hoggish, it also Feng Xiaoqin a lot of hoggish things show you to look. Why hoggish, include from the back Feng Xiaoqin’s change also can look to you. It is very important that I feel true, actually this makes fun of, when myself is being created, also be to follow Hua Tao to discuss, I say be courage of meeting need little to receive such show, because it is enough true, can have power, regular meeting somebody feels you should so do, why do you want so do, you not should such. Because everybody is a station,look on oneself footing. I also am to stand on Feng Xiaoqin’s footing to look, but I still have a position, stand in real position namely. Because have such person, do not be afraid of so reveal nature of such a few characters to look to the audience. I feel result or hope can communicate a kind of altruistic spirit finally, is hoggish not just. Sohu recreation: Have now do good psychology to prepare? The likelihood leaves after sowing, can be you scolded by the audience of what? Sea Qing Dynasty: Censure much should I think is the acknowledge to the part. I feel present audience compares reason relatively, won’t go having to the actor too much (censure) , the play all along because of me is such. Actually open to question character is here, I can give tall cent. I like not quite the sort of compressed (part) , I feel to be here without appeal. Sohu recreation: Like to there is the part of bit of goddess not quite? Sea Qing Dynasty: The part of goddess I am not to have creation desire very much. Sohu recreation: Can experience actually, now audience, say like you, have a bit to the 3 view of drama strict. A lot of drama previously are put now to sow, the likelihood acts the leading role to be able to be scolded dead, don’t I know you are how look upon this problem? Sea Qing Dynasty: If you see the part is 3 view are proper, so Thespian meeting lacks its inherent power, next you can feel everybody is good person, what should you see then? 3 view are the standard that we evaluate a work of course, but it is not only standard. I feel or want to watch the event of the disposition of this character and drama. She has her attitude, but I feel not to want indulge how does she do this business, want more to pay close attention to her however why so do. When if you will come,encountering this thing, how you can be done. I feel literary to work wants to this a little bit think, of course we cannot ask the audience is how, but we can guide an audience to be explored together toward this respect, if go,do not say, this is good, this is bad, not should so go doing, not should so go doing. Sohu recreation: When then we see this play, the likelihood also can feel of Feng Xiaoqin this dies husband, be paid too less to the family. Likelihood the social problem that this also is now, everybody feels actually the male gains extra advantage unfairly quite in marriage, this condition that the female is in to pay. Sea Qing Dynasty: I do not approbate you this word. I feel marriage is not who gains extra advantage unfairly, because you have this advantageous feeling, can feel to be like me to should pay much point, gain much point. I feel love may be returned with marriage different, the thing that bears the weight of inside marriage wants over love far, persistent marriage is to need two people to be able to get along harmoniously actually, each other disposition is attracted, and be willing continue to get along so. Then you say you are willing to become the word of a thing, you also can think of to want get one’s own back or what, but if you reduce the extravagant hopes to redound, and the model with original marriage seeing Qing Dynasty, you are willing to be opposite so every day your gentleman, or your gentleman is willing to be opposite so every day you, that is them two appropriate good.

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Sohu recreation: If serve as an outsider to look, you feel Feng Xiaoqin’s husband, be a person that is worth entrust? Sea Qing Dynasty: My individual won’t seek such person. Sohu recreation: Read netizen opinion, a lot of people say, the Qing Dynasty that seek the sea takes a Bai Yulan, the vole after implementation is inspected. Competition is quite actually intense still this year, yan Tao, grandson couple, everybody feels is the popular person selected after inspecting, does yourself have the expectation of this respect? Sea Qing Dynasty: I am done not have completely. Sohu recreation: Why? Sea Qing Dynasty: Because you have,expect to have fear, I do not have any fear to this thing, I to acting in a play itself is interested, award it is additionally one kind of way that encourage and praises, but it from go up at all the motivation that won’t affect me to continue to act in a play. Give me of course very happy also, do not give me also a bit won’t shake. Sohu recreation: Be so had not wanted to take from before after inspecting? Sea Qing Dynasty: Tell the truth, sit in before me next, still can have a bit excited, can have a bit insecurity. I am to one year took flying Apsaras later, what be still, I sit in next feel completely without insecurity. I feel I am going back every time (want) what do that day produce after all, why I am done not have so nervous, not so heart of gain and loss. I also feel, be like me a bit growner. Itself sits is a honor there, as to have and do not have, that is not very important. Sohu recreation: Actually before also listen to you to had said, it is not easy to feel Mesozoic Era female star is held out. Present word, feel more and more Mesozoic Era female star by the audience people place attention, can you feel likely to the opportunity has many a little bit? Sea Qing Dynasty: Not bad, I feel, it is opposite only at for. Mesozoic Era female star still still is put in the question with very much move, the be short ofing that is a lot of opportunities is broken, because everybody can give a youth more chances, then I feel this is an objective law. Say to should more a few attention are in above Mesozoic Era normally actually, otherwise if, a lot of work that you come out, channel range is very narrow, opposite thinks over alive, to life think over, to the attention of a lot of things, you can feel insufficient heft.

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Sohu recreation: Some people can feel acting of Mesozoic Era female star is very pretty good really, under photograph comparing, it is so mature that floret acting does not have the likelihood, the likelihood has a bit to boast and exaggerate how, this how do you look? Sea Qing Dynasty: The first I do not know who that floret is, you say. The 2nd I may see their work lesser, dare say not quite so. But you say Mesozoic Era schoolgirl acts in a play very good, I feel this problem no matter others, I say myself, I also do not feel I act in a play it is good to have many. Sohu recreation: So modest? Sea Qing Dynasty: Not be modest, I just like to act in a play, and acting all the time. Because know to act badly,be, hope to be able to change whit with respect to every time so, ascensive little, still acting all the time so. If had done a business really, do a business very well, the likelihood also can lose the sense that continues to be done. Sohu recreation: Tian Na, you can feel you act badly unexpectedly, where are you to feel you act badly? Sea Qing Dynasty: When having, a part feels to was not finished good, when perhaps having, a play was not finished good, others looks to act in a play when perhaps having, feel how he can act so well. Sohu recreation: The head that the audience can say you are life theatrical work an ancient folding chair? Yourself hears such word, can you have pressure? Sea Qing Dynasty: The talented person that says this word should have pressure, in case how does the face that be hit do. Sohu recreation: Had thought, walk out of this comfortable area namely? Sea Qing Dynasty: It is not my comfortable area. Life theatrical work is it is not quite good to compare act, because it leaves the life very close, it does not have any formal feeling, help you without a lot of things, dress ah of and so on. And our itself is the person in the life, it is real person, then I perform a play again, it is met probably with my individual registration very tall, below the circumstance of tall registration, want the thing of take out individual again, perhaps retain one share, go according to the part again, actually this thing is quite difficult really. I receive life theatrical work really, I am these a few years to pressing those who receive. I act with Mr. Huang ” small jubilate ” , actually I received ” sweet ” , next what I receive is very few, how to receive hardly. Main is Hua Tao this play.

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