Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Jian Tian general sunshine a recuperate will be resided after Xin Guanzhi of diagnose of in pairs of Nai of small loose greens

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Office dispatch expressed Jian Tian general recently sunshine affected new coronal, he is in yesterday (March 23) in the morning, attended to hold PCR examination regularly, detected yesterday afternoon the result gives heat, for masculine gender, diagnose new coronal. At present he is light disease, recuperate and observation will have below the guidance in medical treatment mechanism, executive authority henceforth. In Jian Tian general sunshine announce diagnose message has been done not have how long, nai of small loose greens also announced to affect new coronal, astral dirt announces Nai of small loose greens is same also is PCR inspection was accepted on March 23, diagnose new coronal. Will be in the home henceforth recuperate.

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