Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Hu Xing respond to new coronal of two sons diagnose: Children already heal, in keeping apart cure now 20220325080047 623d76afa1e08Hu Xing honest response 20220325080047 623d76afc4f7fThe netizen explodes makings 20220325080047 623d76afe6833The netizen explodes makings 20220325080048 623d76b04fb44Hu Xing the children with her On March 25, the net passes Hu Xing son diagnose new coronal, to this, hu Xing atelier response: “Children already heal, segregation is setting related the epidemic prevention according to our country at present. The hardship that thanks medical treatment worker is paid, the care that also thanks each friend ” . Hu Xing also express subsequently: “Thank everybody’s care, the worker that also thanks all epidemic prevention to fight epidemic disease people. ” it is reported, there is a netizen to explode before this makings introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad apricot new coronal of two sons diagnose, it is now in Shenzhen segregation cure.

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