Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Forest month of Zhang Xin will fill do two wedding one year old exposure of half daughter infant name 20220325080111 623d76c7d15f5Forest one On March 25, according to harbor intermediary report, very long did not show a body forest , accept with the identity of the husband and father first interview, published the daughter’s name first, disclosed 2 embryoes plan and with Zhang Xin the month fills the think of a way that does wedding. 2019 forest and Zhang Xin month marry, immediately following in time to will announce absurd biddy year in September, forest very protect a daughter, did not let appearance exposure of the daughter all the time, look from the photograph, the daughter grows very high, height is like 3, 4 years old, “The daughter’s English is called Luna, infant name makes case. ” in interviewing, forest refer a year old of daughter of half, disclosed daughter full name not only, the individual character that still shows a daughter is optimistic, see his metropolis coming home says every time ” HI ” , also can call father. In addition, he is not evasive also the problem of 2 embryoes, hope second half of the year has a Hu Baobao, say to prefer a daughter again. Forest still expresses in interview, because epidemic situation did not hold wedding with Zhang Xin month all the time, fortunately Zhang Xin month does not mind, two people want to wait for epidemic situation to improve to do in the home town of him home town and wife respectively, wedding also can consider the think of a way of the old person in the home.

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