Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Many star are exited or cancel an enterprise to include sea clear Jindong Yang Zi

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20220325080130 623d76daea1d7Sea Qing Dynasty Recently, check according to look forward to check show, culture of Hainan modest sea develops atelier (the individual is solely invested) produce industrial and commercial change, company position is by the change that put add cancel. This company held water 2021, the legal representative is Huang Yi (the sea is clear) , scope of operations includes service of direct seeding of Internet of literary creation, individual to wait, you Haiqing 100% accuse. According to not complete count, since 2022, star is exited or already nearly many cancel relevant enterprise. Cancel atelier to obtain the star that exits a business to include Jin Dong, Yao Chen, Li Xiaolu, Yang Zi, Yang Yang, plum wait for a person now. 20220325080131 623d76db1be3dJin Dong exits Zhejiang virtuous Jun Ying inspects culture investor cavalcade 20220325080131 623d76db53a43Yao Chen cancels atelier of culture of movie and TV of heart of morning of new short for the Yihe River 20220325080131 623d76db768dcLi Xiaolu cancels atelier of culture of jading movie and TV of luck of rain of firewood of new short for the Yihe River, inspect withdrawal from the Tong Le shadow that Gu Nailiang establishs. 20220325080132 623d76dc02151Of Yang Zi always atelier of culture of Kang Salang movie and TV is cancelled 20220325080132 623d76dc407ebAtelier of culture of Hengdian poplar foreign movie and TV cancels Yang Yang’s Dong Yang 20220325080132 623d76dc6a5dcPlum showing Xin Yi plum shows atelier of culture of movie and TV to cancel

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