Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Oscar bear the palm person or will take pot to protest 8 award not by direct seeding 20220325080210 623d7702812daOscar bear the palm person or will take cup The intermediary outside was being occupied on March 25, yinaosika 8 award not direct seeding brings outcry, the organization of relevant film practitioner is considering planning to protest in order to show, the person that include to show up on prize-giving ceremony, nominator will fasten labour union badge, bear the palm person falling to take pot to wait. Relevant participator thinks, such plan is to protesting Oscar is right the distinction of specific movie type of work in production is treated and ” desolate ” . It is reported, oscar of not long ago sponsors cinematics of square United States and scientific institute to announce: Current 8 in 23 award prize-giving will not be spot direct seeding, begin in celebration direct seeding however at awarding prize the spot undertakes be recordinged beforehand inside a hour before, next extract of general award video inserts direct seeding respectively in, 8 award it is optimal record short, editing and rearrangement respectively, make up / hairstyle, former achieve effect of short of short film of music, art director, animation, true person, sound, this action purpose is the amusement that increases prize-giving gift, cut length.

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