Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: New coronal of diagnose of Jin Jiula of male star of Han Zeng art will be absent news briefing of 25 days of programs 20220325080215 623d7707e5eacJin Jiula On March 25, the place of Jin Jiula of Korea male star belongs to respect of company LINE Entertainment to express: “Jin Jiula is sufferred from to have virus of new-style coronal shape by diagnose recently pneumonic. ” what belong to a company to divulge, jin Jiula is already vaccinal the 3rd agent is vaccinal, but still be broken through to affect. At present Jin Jiula is in cure of the segregation that occupy the home, will remove at 27 days segregation. Accordingly, jin Jiula fails to attend the MBN programming that attends on 25 days formerly to publish meeting. Make publish meeting MC to explain: “Because Jin Jiula is healthy the reason that go up, cannot cooperate together with everybody regrettablly very much. Cannot cooperate together with everybody regrettablly very much..

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