Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Small S response provides Jun Ye hair to appeal civil: Follow rice served with meat and vegetables on top of crab of sauce of talk about again and again of elder sister’s husband all the time 20220325120114 623daf0a609dfSmall S and big S On March 25, according to stage intermediary report, small S is informed a Jun Ye dispatch to appeal after the netizen looks for dining-room be related, dispatch makes a response: “He should be to want to take us eat in the future, because I read aloud with him all the time,read aloud read aloud that unripe crab to mix meal. ” provide Jun Ye before dawn appeals in gregarious platform dispatch now, say oneself prepare to look for the crab of 20 many a sauce year ago to build hotel, hope netizen can provide pertinent information, provide Jun Ye to eat a restaurant that pass before be big S to search 20 years according to knowing love net friend to divulge this is. It is reported, restore at the beginning of big S month lone the old love before remarrying 20 years after 106 days ” cruel dragon ” the member provides Jun Ye, cause all circles attention. At present the man arrives at Taiwan, through 10 days of segregation, head for big S house to undertake own segregation 7 days.

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