Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Xie Yuemei of actor of Hong Kong senior dub dies Guan Baohui is basked in according to grieve over

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According to harbor intermediary report, late on March 25, the member that senior actor holds dub concurrently thanks lunar beauty (May elder sister) be being raised and the hospital dies. All the year round is 74 years old. Regard Hong Kong as senior dub actor, xie Yuemei comes to inspected dub group to work in radio 1990 from 1970. Be in again after the ginseng in much ministry teleplay acts, and the one part that makes a person more familiar is ” conscience of young ” in Xie Yuemei acts ” plum aunt ” , this drama is Zhou Xing gallop, Liu Qingyun acts the leading role, also be Zhou Xing gallop last has acted teleplay.

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Subsequently, the actor closed Bao Hui to share the black-and-white photograph of a piece of Xie Yuemei in gregarious platform, intercurrent article is paid deep-felt grieve over.

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