Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Xiao Yaxuan is infrequent 5 a running fire are dynamic! Bask in pray for its with group photo love a dog

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On March 25, all the time the Xiao Yaxuan of Xian Shaolou face (Elva) in individual socialization suddenly media sent 5 trends continuously. Concern with its dogginess Gemi entirely. See ability carefully discover her to pray in the dog that it is love, hope it can spend this difficulty. And she a few days ago already dispatch discloses: “Its happening is very abrupt, gemi is trying hard in ICU. ” Xiao Yaxuan since was bitten by love dog in Feburary 2021 face, recuperated more than 1 year in the home, with respect to website of socialization of bright little newer individual,

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Xiao Yaxuan is 25 days first what uploaded a series of Gemi on gregarious platform is close take a picture, write down with English ” My Most Handsome Most Loving Boy /you Are The Best Of Everything / You Completed Mama ” , praising love dog is the most marvellous, then, she PO goes out to combine the picture that take with dogginess warmth before, “May God Be With Us.

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