Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: IXFORM member purchases even contribution of Wei of the Huaihe River the goods and materials that fight epidemic disease to assist state of spring of home town Fujian

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Recently, epidemic situation of Fujian spring city is increasingly grim, demand of the goods and materials that fight epidemic disease increases. After the demand of goods and materials that receives Fujian spring city, the atelier group that the member that IXFORM group is synthesized joins Wei of the Huaihe River on March 21 donate money of be apt to to commonweal organization for a short while, purchased medical defend take, medical the epidemic prevention goods and materials such as machine of guaze mask of one-time glove, KN95, mist, rescuing team of blue sky of city of spring of Fujian of support of in order to begins environmental disappear to kill the job and epidemic situation to defend in place the job. Carry through allocating chime to make with all possible means, go to carry of all goods and materials eventually rescuing storehouse, the rescuing team that cent sends disappear of a gleam of to reduce the job and staff member of each bits of community are used. It is reported, lian Huaiwei was born in city of state of Fujian Province spring on March 18, 1998, it is Chinese inland popularity happy male singer, the man sings the member that assembles IXFORM, in see fontal city continues after the information that goods and materials presents, lian Huaiwei ever was in be anxious and wish what individual gregarious platform conveyed him, in falling to act really.

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