Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Huang Xiaoming contributes Jilin of Qingdao of rush to the rescue of the goods and materials that fight epidemic disease large quantities of goods and materials already reached place in succession

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Recently, the epidemic situation of two ground affects Jilin, Qingdao popular feeling, the actor Huang Xiaoming that Shandong Qingdao is born drills the hand fizzles out foundation of love of Xiao Mingming day, xiang Jilin, Qingdao donates large quantities of medical treatment goods and materials and necessaries of life, at present goods and materials has reached place in succession, begin to extend to fight epidemic disease to a gleam of in the staff member’s hand.

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Before this, huang Xiaoming returns dispatch to be cheered for Qingdao, of the gratitude that conveys oneself to protect personnel to cure and old to home town father local peoples miss.

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