Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Zhengwei of child of Mei Lanfang handed from the master directly dies at Nanjing Cao Kefan dispatch grieves over

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26 days, dispatch of compere Cao Kefan grieves over famous Beijing opera performs an artist, child of handed from the master directly of Mr Mei Lanfang Mr. Chen Zhengwei, bask in oneself and a group photo of Mr. Chen, chen Zhengwei divulges to already was in 26 days in article at Nanjing demit world. Full text is as follows: Famous Beijing opera performs an artist, child of handed from the master directly of Mr Mei Lanfang Mr. Chen Zhengwei, be in Nanjing now demit world. Mr. Zheng Wei is in those days Shanghai play school ” ” word generation is outstanding actor, deep know well ” the plum is sent ” artistic essence, for transmission ” the plum is sent ” Lv of exhaust of artistic exhaust essence, have pupils everywhere. Its father Chen Da Mr Bei also is Thespian everybody. Two acting average per capita are father daughter Thespian career is consecratory and lifetime energy. Infinite recall Mr. Chen Zhengwei!

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Chen Zhengwei (1933 – on March 26, 2022) this name Chen Lehua, be born at Zhejiang Hangzhou, ancestral home Shanghai. Actress of actor of Beijing opera dawn, labour black clothes, beautiful unlined upper garment. Scholarly family of one’s previous experience, bei of its father Chen Da is the trailblazer of our country inchoate modern drama and leader figure. She class of correct a wrongly written character or misspelt word of Thespian school of 9 revenue Shanghai learns play, 14 years old are made the same score in north appearance act in a play. Black clothes, female role learns to make fun of respectively from Xu Ziyun, Chen Yuemei first, from week Bin Qiu Xuekun music makes fun of; Drill by Liu Yufang in succession again military accomplishment, reach Zhu Chuanming of division of Kunqu opera name to learn play from Zhao Qixia, Chen Shinai, Wei Lianfang, Zhao Tongshan. 1948 at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 5 do obeisance to Mei Lanfang to be division. 20 centuries 50 time join group of Beijing opera of Hua Dong experiment in Shanghai, 60 time join group of Yangzhou area Beijing opera to hold the position of a main actor, taught to visit Thespian school at Jiangsu 1981, institute of opera of director of Mei Lanfang seminar of thing of assistant manager of drama of the member that it is Chinese drama association now, Jiangsu, China, China is outstanding young actor graduate student class adviser and visiting professor. 20220327040042 623fe16aeda01Opera the appearance of an actor of Chen Zhengwei is Jing admires very 20220327040043 623fe16b1fd06Chen Zhengwei and Mei Lanfang group photo

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