Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Plum bask in now with Bai Jingting commutative sign one’s name takes a picture oneself the gym shoes that says to already received Bai Jingting to send

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26 days early, actor plum basks in those who give one Zhang He’s actor to respect booth in vain to close now according to, the sign one’s name that there are each other in two hand is illuminated, plum still matching now write in article: “Hit a ball, gave sweat, the autograph that exchanged each other friend to request is illuminated, still received the gym shoes that Bai Jingting sends, quite good! ” a bit late, bai Jingting is in comment area reply plum shows, mood is ripe harvest piquant: “Answer Beijing the first thing! Play a ball game! ” can see two people relationship is good, it is OK make an appointment with a ball at any time ” the ball is friendly ” .

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