Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Empty elder sister exposes to the sun before after aboard requests sign to Jin Chengwu, be complained to disturb by its rest

20220327080007 624019876d331

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Recently, have profess early before the female netizen that the profession is empty elder sister shares video to explode makings, say to Jin Chengwu has been encountered when the job before her, she has the vermicelli made from bean starch that two colleagues are Jin Chengwu, go asking for autograph with Jin Chengwu. Explode according to this netizen makings, jin Chengwu helped two her colleagues very friendlily sign a name at that time, the bearing is very polite also, look very polite. But two fellow workers that she complained before he is leaving a plane, say they disturb him to rest on the airliner, this netizen expresses to feel to Jin Chengwu disappointment and indissoluble. The netizen thinks Jin Chengwu is done not have necessary haggle over every ounce with a few girls, what is more,the rather that they or oneself vermicelli made from bean starch. But the way that also the netizen supports Jin Chengwu, they think the behavior of empty elder sister is to be in those who use a post to disturb a passenger to rest really, complain a likelihood disagreement affection but certain and reasonable. The nature that still the netizen expresses Jin Chengwu is original inside collect, in always like to be in alone besides the job, like to live in oneself world, the vermicelli made from bean starch that serves as him knows these for certain, those two empty elder sister should not be this matter take things too hard.

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