Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Mei Qiming of Mei Yanfang’s elder brother writes be repentant book to say with peaceful book Moll already parted company to the mother

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Late on March 26, according to harbor intermediary report, mei Qiming of Mei Yanfang’s elder brother gives out book of hundreds word be repentant to media, open Xiang Mei’s Mom, madam and son apologize, affirmatory meeting takes care of wife of plum Mom, love to reach make good father model, still say oneself already parted company with peaceful book Moll. Mei Qiming calls him already deep-felt introspection, hope masses can mend his ways to him opportunity: I can work conscientiously, won’t make disloyal and disobedient conduct again, speak irresponsible conversation. Mei Qiming still expresses to harbor intermediary, oneself already got madam, son is excused, live together again, be repentant book also is generation of 12 years old of sons its write. Although sealed still meeting is denied,get the mother is excused, but he feels to should do not have a problem, because the heaviest if he had become good son. The Mei Qiming before this is broken away from with its in the newspaper by plum Mom Qin Meijin mother child relation, after reaching more by wife Joey exposure the real features such as tasteful, corrupt money, almost everybody borderline of his make a clear distinction.

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On August 24, 2021, mei Qiming is patted carry with a year the woman of about 40 is in gong bay street 10 point to buckle closely shop, two people behavior is close, and face media to visit off the rails belong to the same organization, not only Mei Qiming is acquiescent, its wife also acquiesced in this one behavior. On December 2, 2021, eldest brother Mei Qiming of Mei Yanfang appeals to Hong Kong high court, say this film violated his trade mark right, the reason is he applied for 2004 ” Mei Yanfang ” reach ” ANITA MUI ” brand, the category is ” precious metal and its alloy ” , but brand is invalid already. On Feburary 14, 2022, the intermediary that seize port says, mei Qin U.S. dollor (plum Mom) , announce to break off a mother with son Mei Qiming in the newspaper child relation. Break off a mother in the newspaper to plum Mom child relation be related, mei Qiming expresses: “Her a respectful form of address for an old person is happy good! ” at the same time, he also admits to have be in debt, but it is tens of thousands of yuan small amount only.

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