Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Cameraman Huang Baixiong leaves the ceremony holds Ren Xianqi Wang Baijie to wait present send off

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According to stage intermediary, phlogistic inferior the anthology of main actor drama such as black silk ribbon, Yao Aining, Home Zhang Rui ” embrace first ” in Miao Li 11 days immortal cereal produces Na Zhuang this month object outside Gu Yi, cause cameraman Huang Baixiong (male father) with reception of a radio Shi Axiang dies unfortunately. Male father leaves type is held at establishing the 2nd funeral parlour in Taipei city this morning, male father encircles dedication in movie and TV before one’s death tens of year, today one old early in the morning has not arrive time of public memorial ceremony, with respect to the behind the curtain before having a lot of has cooperated act working associate queues up to enter the arena, include the heroine that be the same as drama book of Yao Aining, Home Zhang Rui, Ke Shuyuan, brief , Ren Xianqi, Wang Baijie, Xie Xin glume, Fu Mengbai, Liu Yi.

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