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Original title: Half-and-half of remuneration of actor of a gleam of is chopped, 4000 be the limit more… ” day price remuneration ” car skid? Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (Zhuang Zixiu / civil) ” day price remuneration ” dense disease long-standing, at the beginning of this year, wide report total bureau reiterates actor remuneration problem. Resonant how? Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, actor remuneration fell really this year! Once took the actor of a gleam of of 8889 remuneration, remuneration half-and-half is chopped nowadays still hit fold, 4000 it is the limit more; And a few active the Mesozoic Era actor in city drama, so a play can want 889, some nowadays giving 5 million also receive. 3 have the personage inside course of study to divulge before New Year, head actor remuneration already fall after a rise arrived 50 million the following. Different is, await in those days, fraction person is accepted, major person is wait-and-see. But nowadays, major person already accepted this reality. Reason nothing more than at 3 o’clock: Be issued to lower levels of cold winter of movie and TV, economy, ” cool and bright acts ” . Under much element, the car of day price remuneration, it seems that eventually skid.

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“Be restricted firewood ” before the photograph of actor all living creatures below before long, wide report total bureau again dispatch reiterates actor remuneration problem. File middle finger goes out, object stoutly ” day price remuneration ” , carry out every teleplay strictly all actor total remuneration must not make totle drilling cost more than 40% , main actor remuneration must not exceed actor total remuneration the regulation of scale of configuration of the cost that make of 70% , strengthen remuneration contract to put on record with check. Remuneration, it is the topic of a platitude. The policy of so old concerned remuneration is not little, but effects is very small. 8889, still emerge in endlessly to the news of on 100 million remuneration very. The teleplay that filmed 2018 ” strange person ” , producer explodes publicly remuneration of makings poplar bright 87.5 million. 2019, appear on the market show in the announcement of culture of company vessel dragon, zhou Dongyu and the atelier of collect advance were mixed 2017 2018 is the supplier before their rank leans, two people purchase total amount is respectively 109 million yuan, seventy-seven million one hundred and forty-one thousand four hundred yuan! And it is by last year, zheng Shuang is returned for a time include limited company of medium of culture of Beijing century associate inside 5 companies tell a court, brief of a case is ” acknowledge contract effectiveness dispute ” , claim for compensation one hundred and eight million two hundred and fifty thousand yuan, origin is teleplay remuneration problem.

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Remuneration is restricted repeatedly repeatedly tall, can you have effect this? Producer river river discloses to Sohu recreation, this star remuneration fell really, actor of a lot of a gleam of, original remuneration is in 5000, 80 million between, and nowadays basically half-and-half is chopped still hit fold, 4000 had been top class more, and a few active the Mesozoic Era actor in city drama, so a play can want 889, some nowadays giving 5 million also receive. In addition, jiang Jiang still discloses, a certain give birth to child early 90 hind floret, original remuneration 50 million the left and right sides, nowadays criterion 20 million can receive show. Before the long face actor that always performs theatrical work of war of resistance against aggression, remuneration also dives greatly, so ask a price of a drama 10 million, now also 1.5 million the left and right sides, fell about the same decuple. And two go do the actual strength that laughs at a person to set to send Mesozoic Era actor, ask a price is in 3000 much, dan Jiangjiang feels one is worth this price, another this year the actor of bully screen criterion the price with high watch, the work quality that takes two this years because of him is very good. Some actors fall in this in firewood, the price is stronger. “Have a flow that has taken delay to revise play small unripe, because be the figure that ancient costume drama favors quite, the price maintains in 30 million the left and right sides. ” river river say.

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The message that actor remuneration drops generally, also got the confirm of peak of dawn of another personage inside course of study. Xiao Feng discloses, floret of a certain a gleam of is oppugned generally because of acting by the audience, begin to ask no longer from epidemic situation so tall remuneration, seek the project cooperation that can have had only, “Her remuneration drops in year after year almost, previously she remuneration of a film is about the same ask a price 4000 much, be less than nowadays 20 million, previously a drama one market ask a price 1.37 million, be less than nowadays 600 thousand. ” whose skid ” day price remuneration ” car? “Day price remuneration ” the problem is able to alleviate, have mark early perhaps but abide. On Feburary 22, 2019, surprise in love art money of the fourth quarter signed up for the phone after releasing to be able to go up 2018, love is strange art when father, trustee holds presiding apparitor Gong Yu concurrently to quiz in answer investor, allude, “Top class performer is top the price fixing of a drama is 50 million yuan of RMBs, and used exceeds 150 million yuan of RMBs. … so (remuneration) the actor of more than 50 million, fraction had been accepted, more returning in wait-and-see period. ” compare former ” still be in wait-and-see period ” , most nowadays actor accepted depreciating current situation. The answer that actor manner changes, perhaps hide in a group of data. Data shows, 3 big platform abstained drama to occupy 2018 than surpassing copyright play first. 2019, always occupy comparing was to achieve more 65% . 2020, 2021 although do not have exact data exposure, but in light of a list of plays that broadcasts from these two years of platform, apparent, occupy do not decrease than be being added only. Speak bluntly of producer river river, 34 years of in the past, although annual teleplay total output still is controlled in 300, but produced very big change however constitutionally.

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In 300 drama that broadcasted once upon a time, having is copyright drama partly greatly very, these copyright drama are invited by him company that make arrange an actor, oneself are made, await in those days, industry of movie and TV heats up money to roll, video platform and conflicting of TV station each other seize an user, everybody does not have foreword contest price to invite a certain actor, you go out 30 million, he goes out 50 million, he goes out again 70 million, actor remuneration multiple grows, till make on 100 million yuan of different of person be surprised. 2017 when, wang Lei of director of center of drama of SMG movie and TV dear ever made in SMG sow had disclosed on annual meeting, “Be in only 2016 inside a year of time, the remuneration of actor of line of just a little grew nearly 250% , a cost 300 million yuan teleplay, star takes away 200 million yuan of remuneration. ” these year of remuneration is mad the speed that go up no less than in those days. Because capital becomes backer, so although the again and again on policy ” be restricted firewood ” , but have on them there is the way to deal with a situation below policy, in order to increase the measure of total investment, reduce star remuneration to occupy than, perhaps wait for a method in order to hang empty duty, false investment, avoid ” be restricted firewood ” . Till ” taxation disturbance ” cause industry earthquake, add the effect of epidemic situation, the industry heats up money retire, “Naked swim ” the person rose to surface finally. In this one period, large quantities of one companies that make ” disappear ” , although annual teleplay total output still is controlled in 300, but occupy among them than most is to abstain drama, once invested the copyright drama of on 100 million to be reduced even ” disposal of goods at reduced prices of 200 thousand one market ” .

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Mastered content to master channel again already when platform, once was pressed to come down by the remuneration nature of their drive up. “A few this years platform fostered a lot of producer to oneself, these him producer talk about an actor, oneself look for the company that make to make, reduced the profit of each link greatly, the actor’s remuneration also becomes transparent, price nature dives greatly. ” Jiang Jiang says. “Of course, spoken parts in an opera because everybody does not have money, still is, capital retire, advertisement income glides, member income adds fast slow down, no matter be platform,still make a company, everybody does drama pressure very big. ” in addition, xiao Feng thinks, nowadays actor ” day price remuneration ” the problem can get relatively complete processing, also cannot leave ” cool and bright acts ” influence, previously actor dare against the wind commits the crime, because,be although had an accident, also do not delay them to make money all the same, but nowadays ” cool and bright acts ” one, everybody saw ” evil doing actor ” end — from top shedding the second changes element person, natural not dare again defy the law. “Day price remuneration ” whether is the phenomenon met resurgence? Adage says, it is difficult to enter frugal by excessive, had taken the star of on 100 million remuneration, can you accept the remuneration after big diving? Producer Luo Nan discloses, face descendent remuneration, different Ga the actor is having different reaction really. Once those had been taken 8889, flow to the top of on 100 million remuneration very, some people accept the remuneration that half-and-half chops very hard, they can choose not to receive play to receive show less perhaps, the business affairs deduct a percentage from a sum of money that some people can bind through increasing drama volume increases profit. “This among them, these two years of a few ability rise the actor of new a gleam of that come, they also had not taken the remuneration with tall abnormal originally, so 3389 to them, had calculated very pretty good. ” a few once carried program in city drama male one female the Mesozoic Era actor of one, although they also taste the benefit of exorbitant remuneration, but encounter cold winter when the industry, they were returned to quickly also sober. For instance some a tough guy transition city male actor, a few years that of remuneration when the river rises the boat goes up too, a play is OK ask a price 70 million, nowadays 20 million also can take. “Nowadays video website pawn, subject matter tends young change, the role that suits them is less and less, they should accept the fall that remuneration dives greatly not only, accept oneself even from male one female the reality that becomes appear with anther leading player, do not accept also do not have method, compare after all fall remuneration, do not have play to be able to be patted the most terrible. ” Luo Nan says. Luo Nan discloses, oneself have a friend to be mixed always before in theatrical work of a few lives becoming in drama gold costar, decrease a few this years because of this kind of drama, he must not be absent for the life a few sweet in bestowing favor on drama, become ” tool person ” , “He says he took sport, do not know a men and women advocate who be, young actor actor’s lines says bad, look at enrage a person, but do not have method, for the life, also must not act ” .

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In experience so for many times remuneration is restricted repeatedly repeatedly after Gao Zhi, although this remuneration fell, is effect chairman long? To this problem, producer river river and Luo Nan express to have hope very much. River river speak bluntly, remuneration is restricted repeatedly before repeatedly tall, because the market is rich,be, this does not give money, then the home can give money, but different now, catenary of entire industry of whole movie and TV does not have money, the problem gives from terminal solved. “Video platform may say before, you bring a certain star, I give you a few 100 million, next they ask this star to become content officer, open a grand ceremony, enrol business to advertise next, anyhow covers fund through all sorts of means. ” Jiang Jiang says, “But nowadays video him platform the day is uneasy, still which are taken reach the tall remuneration of star. ” Luo Nan also thinks, from these a few years video platform does playlet, reinstate new actor, compress cost to see with respect to enough, they had returned to reason, it is nowadays on the road that returns to artistic creation. “Know when them 89 or a few ten million after can making a good theatrical work, then they won’t be returned again 339 or the phase of 449 went. ” (remarks: Article go-between name all is alias)

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