Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Selina takes male friend to see nickname of sweethearts of the exposure in former husband A exceeds sweetness

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According to Taiwan media coverage, selina heads degree of main actor film ” first 7 ” run frequently conduct propaganda, she laughs say, already tired can oversleep to in the morning but oneself do not have consciousness completely. Fortunately, she already had beside now small male friend of 7 years old of fresh pork is accompanied, selina laugh admits: “Very happy now. ” the setting that she earlies childhood to meet in male friend and former husband A, selina expresses, in A know she had new boy or girl friend at that time, “Dined together that day very happy, whole field laughs in the aunt, “He sits to laughing to look at us all the time in the corner, instantly feels to have kind of mysterious happiness. ” does male friend have very nervous? Selina says: “Without Ye, he is very calm, feel he is an old soul really. ” Selina says, male friend is a circle alien that be in business, but love to this paragraph affection is calm, as long as I am happy good, let Selina laugh say: “I want to say, you do not know his kick really, I want to learn a thin person to say very much really ‘ the issue that this does not involve you ‘ . I want to learn a thin person to say very much really ‘ the issue that this does not involve you ‘ ..

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Selina still discloses, the near future can do gem gal with male friend together, because the other side is as good as her bones and muscles, the Hebe that lets ever invited her to do gem gal to be rejected however together before astonishs say: “Your life has plasticity very much really. ” as to can you have do ” two-men yoga ” plan? She laughs say: “That should seek a teacher, and very difficult, want travel of very fierce ability. Want travel of very fierce ability..

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