Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: 84 years old fine jade precious jade a person of extraordinary powers of recent situation exposure curtilage ” but field ” will rebuild for elevator building

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The intermediary that occupy a stage reported on March 28, fine jade those who precious jade alone villatic ” but field ” inside sit have little bridge, running water, court, be as high as 500 million yuan of RMBs according to estimating this villatic market prise, many when she did not poor value recently old tree is donated go out, luxurious villa also decides to rebuild for elevator house building, “But field ” the name will take the history.

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It is reported, “But field ” build up to now 30 old, fine jade in those days precious jade and the work of a lot of win universal praise also is in marital Ping Xintao can finish field, also be ” burn! Igneous bird ” , ” I am one cloudlet ” the renown setting that waits for the film, the footmark of the person such as Liu Wenzheng, Lin Qingxia is in can have appeared field. Fine jade precious jade in ” my story ” in ever wrote: “But field, this is more than it is an a house, garden, it is my heart have a rest more, the assurance that roams about no longer. ” but the vintage building of garden is the target that construction firm strives for all the time, a few years Qian Qiongyao does not wish to cooperate, already changed mind nowadays, final decision will rebuild his for elevator house building.

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