Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Ju Jing Dai sells his to be the same as a Wei Quansheng to accuse the other side needs to apologize to its and compensate for 20 thousand yuan with respect to net inn

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Check according to look forward to, recently, ju Jing Dai and Shenzhen city circle in the air dark issue of authority of effigies of clothing limited company civil judgment announces civil first instance. The court is found out, the accused circle in the air dark the company sells inside its net inn ” Ju Jing Dai is the same as paragraph coat ” , this commodity brings up Jing Dai accredit without accuser. The court thinks, circle in the air dark the effigies that the behavior of the company had encroached Ju Jing Dai counterpoises, should assume corresponding tort responsibility lawfully. Juridical eventuate circle in the air dark company Xiang Jujing Dai apologizes, recoup a loss 20 thousand yuan wait.

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