Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Big S is exposed to the sun to cross the sea to inspect dispatch to celebrate unripe mother-in-law manner to draw outside attention for the mother-in-law

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The intermediary that occupy a stage reported on March 25, big S announced a few days ago with ” cruel dragon ” after the member provides Jun Ye to remarry, husband and wife two crossing newly-married to live in big Home S. And new mother-in-law birthday is coming, before providing Jun Ye 2 years ever stuck on March 26 go out to celebrate unripe article for the mother, depend on Korean habit to may celebrate birthday in the traditional Chinese calendar with family nevertheless, big S may cross the sea to help a mother-in-law inspect dispatch to celebrate already unripe. It is reported, the mother is mixed a Jun Ye feeling is first-rate, cook everyday almost the son eats, this the son comes for love Taiwan needs two months, also can provide Mu Zhushou through inspecting dispatch means to be only. Provide Jun Ye to also will be in next on April 24, the birthday that will greet big S daughter and son respectively on May 14, it is important to accompany big S spend joyfully day.

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