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Original title: Stage intermediary exposes to the sun a Jun Ye and big S marry the most quickly today register dispatch of big S Mom: Cannot be in charge of your love

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According to stage intermediary report, big S provides Jun Ye to will be finished the most quickly today register marry, door place of government affairs Wu cancelled holiday marriage to register application because of epidemic situation, can deal with alone by home remedy in weekday marry formalities, door place of government affairs Wu is very close from big Home S, drive 5 minutes to be able to be arrived at.

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On March 28 before dawn, s Mom is in article of gregarious platform reappearance, doubt is like the dissatisfaction that expresses big to the daughter S and son-in-law to provide Jun Ye, s Mom basks in a cock to illuminate match civil say: “Cannot be in charge of cannot be in charge of the love that cannot be in charge of you, still be you do not love. . . The embarrassment that cannot provide everything, I will leave bored place ” , from S Mom match a graph to look, she should have not gone to big Home S seeing new husband.

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On March 8, surprise of big S Xu Xiyuan announces to remarry, shine before marrying 24 years organization of old love Korea ” cruel dragon ” the member provides Jun Ye, but S Mom does not know a daughter completely to remarry, also come out for a time before S Mom is announcing to marry one evening just is informed, s Mom is angry very, 9 days of late nights are like snarl new husband to provide Jun Ye in doubt of the dispatch on gregarious platform, want the other side not to reave his daughter.

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9 days afternoon S Mom is the photograph that issues chicken on gregarious platform first, match civil write: “To noisy, noisy, noisy! ” late night once more dispatch erupts: “Ah bah, do not come strong (grab) my daughter, son, I peck you dead… ” letting a person associate is to be in convey a heart to annoy to providing Jun Ye, still do not accept this new husband it seems that. To this, also somebody is in next leave a message, “The daughter’s happiness or the blessing that need a mother ” , ” the joy that oneself cross is restful good ” . It is reported, s Mom is come out to issue ultimatum to ask big S apologizes, do not recognize new husband belong to the same organization otherwise, be in charge of responding to when the small S of peacemaker: “It is a family, each other so love each other, still can cold war how long. ” the thing can be done not have slowly after expressing.

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On March 11, according to stage intermediary report, big S mom is being accepted when interviewing, state big S has not apologized to oneself, but boast provides Jun Ye to have personal loyalty very much, he also does not leave disaster of dispatch a vehicle of the member that combine at that time to be not abandoned. Media interviews big S mom, ask whether she is fed up with a Jun Ye? S Mom says: “I won’t be fed up with any person casually. ” but be asked about when her why should send ” do not come strong (grab) my daughter ” ? S Mom is clever answer: “The cock says that, I do not say. ” in speak of to providing Jun Ye when impression, s Mom says: “About the same the corresponding period of his He Xiyuan, bright Di goes out, he is very marvellous at that time, another partner gives traffic accident, he does not leave do not abandon, have personal loyalty very much. ” provide Jun Ye to come nowadays Taiwan, after the end is kept apart, can S Mom be willing to see him? S Mom did not give the answer, say lightly only: “I do not know. “I do not know..

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