Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Big S provides Jun Ye to be exposed to the sun to already was finished marry the attorney that register is dealt with to the spot

20220328080017 62416b1138c74

According to stage intermediary, on March 28, big S and Korea husband provide Jun Ye to had been finished marry register. Stage intermediary discloses, because be mixed near big Home S,place collects a government affairs Wu a large number of media, so big S changes a mind temporarily, entrusted agent to be dealt with to the spot, it is reported is finished already formally at present marry register. Early before report of the intermediary that occupy a stage, big S provides Jun Ye to will be finished the most quickly today register marry, door place of government affairs Wu cancelled holiday marriage to register application because of epidemic situation, can deal with alone by home remedy in weekday marry formalities, door place of government affairs Wu is very close from big Home S, drive 5 minutes to be able to be arrived at.

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On March 28 before dawn, s Mom is in article of gregarious platform reappearance, doubt is like the dissatisfaction that expresses big to the daughter S and son-in-law to provide Jun Ye, s Mom basks in a cock to illuminate match civil say: “Cannot be in charge of cannot be in charge of the love that cannot be in charge of you, still be you do not love. . . The embarrassment that cannot provide everything, I will leave bored place ” .

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Subsequently, s Mom responds to dispatch content, express to be mixed to big S provide Jun Ye to register marry him be related does not know, be asked about when to provide Jun Ye to meet with husband have a meal, she expresses ” bright Yuan did not invite me, how do I eat? ” , she expresses again, “It is not important to calculated, bright Yuan and Ou Ba (provide Jun Ye) happy happiness is good, if I am not attendant, the topic is incorrect, they are more comfortable instead. They are more comfortable instead..

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On March 8, surprise of big S Xu Xiyuan announces to remarry, shine before marrying 24 years organization of old love Korea ” cruel dragon ” the member provides Jun Ye. After dispatch of government-owned announce marriage, provide Jun Ye to fly to Taipei from Korea immediately, its family will be reached to meet with big S after segregation ends.

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According to stage intermediary report, provide the hotel expenses big S that Jun Ye keeps apart in Taiwan to pay, one late charge amounts to 8000 stages money. According to divulging, had had the big S of hutch art at ordinary times, still can make love with one’s own hands handy to the husband that keeping apart, sweet close act shows blind everybody.

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20 days of before dawn, big S accurate husband provides Jun Ye to remove at the hotel go out after segregation close, big S net is loved run quickly eventually now! Provide Jun Ye to build a taxi to head for big Home S subsequently, the title that has to this intermediary is ” the rhythm that big S follows husband bridal chamber rings ” .

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