Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Case of authority of Yang Yang reputation wins the lawsuit the accused makes public excuse to donate compensation commonweal

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On March 28, office of attorney of Yang Yang precatory makes public Yang Yang reputation to counterpoise to be encroached outcome of be related case. The accused of case of Yang Yang reputation already sent handwritten apology to believe, apologize to Yang Yang cordially, delete relevant content, express to damage the spirit that should compensate for solatium at the same time 15000 yuan donate commonweal entirely. Full text is as follows: On March 28, 2022, ** of the accused Lv (date of small gain Zhang ” the department that attack card ” , UID: 2395507392) several Bo Wen that release with respect to its, undertake in the light of Mr Yang Yang affront, calumniatory, encroach be related of authority of reputation of Mr Yang Yang badly, judgment of comply with become effective [record date: (2021) Beijing 0491 civilian first 33692] in its date of small gain Zhang ” the department that attack card ” position of homepage buy top publishs excuse believes Mr Xiang Yang foreign to make public excuse. Before this, this case classics advocate after careful court tries, maintain: The Bo Wen that ** of the accused Lv releases already formed what counterpoise to accuser reputation to encroach, need Yu Weibo to position of homepage buy top makes public excuse to accuser and grant to compensate for. After this case adjudicates become effective, ** of the accused Lv already apiration of comply with Mr Yang Yang, will answer compensatory spirit damages solatium to donate commonweal entirely, at present afore-mentioned money already were donated to ” village nursery school plans – sunshine is special fund ” . Add: Lv ** publishs handwritten excuse letter20220328120028 6241a35c63da1The accused apologizes and contribution

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