Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Agent releases big S to provide Jun Ye marriage to state S Mom closes gregarious Zhang number 20220328120100 6241a37cbec6bBig S and provide Jun Ye inchoate group photo 20220328120101 6241a37d0e01cBig S agent states On March 28, big S agent issues statement, confirm big S is mixed provide Jun Ye to had finished finish marriage to register formalities, marry date registered date to be on Feburary 8 with Korea accurate, she also alludes two days this climate not beautiful, weather chill, each media worked hard, emphasize big S husband and wife these two days of two plans that did not go out, also invite medium people set his mind at to go back rest, tea of the ginger that drink a dot notices heat preservation, “Everybody worked hard! All blessings to new people, new personality was received, special acknowledgment! Special acknowledgment!! 20220328120101 6241a37d58752Big S mom closes number of gregarious platform Zhang In the meantime, the netizen discovers Huang Chunmei of big S mom closed number of some gregarious platform Zhang at present.

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