Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Memory is killed! 99 years of edition that Lin Zhiying basks in TV rebroadcast ” peerless double arrogant “

20220328160021 6241db957ac4fLin Zhiying is looking 1999 edition ” peerless double arrogant “ Late on March 28, lin Zhiying basks in a rebroadcast on a paragraph of TV on gregarious platform 1999 edition ” peerless double arrogant ” video, match civil say: “See be in recently rebroadcast the peerless double arrogant 1999, full memory, small chili, river fastens cereal of crane, evil person, what name do you still retain? ” after many netizens see in succession online interact with Lin Zhiying. The netizen is basked in gave Lin Zhiying once stage photo, return those who won Lin Zhiying to approbate! 20220328160027 6241db9bb9f6a

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