Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Yue Yunpeng celebrates him 37 years old to give birth to what insolation comes over to be patted oneself super- droll

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On March 28, yue Yunpeng celebrates for oneself in the dispatch on gregarious platform unripe: “37 years old, birthday joy! ” he still basks in those who gave a piece to come over to be patted oneself, very droll, bring those who send netizens to guess subsequently, “Handsome young man, you came over, it is to loved me to arrive home ” , ” what does the photograph that falling mean, rejuvenescent? ” , ” handsome broke up ” . To this, yue Yunpeng hurries re-edit next photographs, the photograph come back.

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In addition, luan Yunping of member of heart cloud company still is in comment area serve birthday the blessing for Yue Yunpeng: “Wish you birthday is happy, good brother, we am De Yun the company is different arm sword arm ” , humorous response weighs Yue Yunpeng: “Alas ah, I can do my best certainly ” .

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