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Original title: Instinctive quality goes out act ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” , of Huang Zitao bully be always spat how always groove? Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (Xie Chunchi / civil) go out about actor instinctive quality perform this thing, huang Zitao has right to speak for certain. If say to perform to resemble the highest admiration that what is a performance, what that performs to resemble that also is a kind of state of the performance probably. In new theatrical work ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” in Huang Zitao again ” instinctive quality goes out act ” .

20220328160117 6241dbcd25525

Collect passes through together, duty field, sweet bestow favor on, bully total, dark love etc a lot of explode paragraph element, ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” perfect and successive sweet now the tradition that bestows favor on drama, person energy of life and public praise each fire each. Open gregarious network, one part netizen spits groovy mouth to spit fragrance, also have one part netizen gradually above, in become ” earthy dog ” place all the way on the road sodden. As God small sweet drama, ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” in hard to avoid has a few conventional pattern Sha Diao’s gut. But because of Huang Zitao and part comfortable deserve to spend, again tie-in go up ” true disposition ” acting, magical also let many audiences feel, as if on part of Huang Zitao deductive on all unreasonable behavior hair very reasonable.

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Act in a play not only ” true disposition ” , whole individual of Huang Zitao is set be in around move ” true disposition ” . From entire network black to black turn pink, set to the closest person again have a bit turn over bite. Look so, “True disposition ” also not be 100 try lark. “True disposition ” in acting drama, the Liu Xun of Huang Zitao personate is lawyer group elite, it is a Chang Sheng’s check that passes without accidentally drop almost, the cold face in duty field is on disposition bully always, it is the Yan Zhi in law place takes on on appearance. It is the male god of Gao Leng, poisonous tongue, abstinency department originally, in Huang Zitao be being deduced always is to escape hard what ground connection enrages is medium 2. Scamper the expression with the carries head, gentle degenerate on the back greatly glasses of wool, one dark face, joint elite lawyer still calculates on modelling model, but Huang Zitao starts to talk, this bully total Qingdao accent always is taking dot spirit young fellow inside flavour.

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The Liu Xun when Gao Leng is boastful say oneself had never been defeated, feel to follow originally this part is violated a bit and, but Huang Zitao speaks out to be returned unexpectedly a bit reasonable. Especially regain student times, of Liu Xun ” contain amount sheathing or bow case ” had exceeded 90% . By female advocate the hairstyle that spit groove resembles hedgehog, he turned over a supercilious look, solilo-quize path: It is hedgehog, also be a handsome hedgehog.

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After be being oppugned, he says: I am to sponsor a lawyer, all consequence, I come to all responsibility assume.

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Profession with the girl moment says: No matter what produce, have far for company of my Liu Xunyong you.

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Cast gut to look, these each actor’s lines resembles is the word that him Huang Zitao in reality can say to export. Essence of pardonable some netizen follows a review, see Huang Zitao act in a play without skill, it is affection completely. More than it is this one play, from since going out, major role of Huang Zitao is go this kind in 2 BKing wind. ” negotiation official ” in he is Sha Diao rich 2 metabolization Xiao Fei, take medicine famously straighten to originate this fool bully always; ” the most ablaze star in night sky ” in he is beans of poisonous tongue love, male edition 1000 eulogy Yi; ” hot-blooded teenager ” in he is those who mix not stint is small mix mix… having one exception is Huang Zitao Ben Tao.

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Interesting is, not only play resembling is to give Huang Zitao quantity body custom-built, huang Zitao can gift always also to these parts thick individual is temperamental: 3 minutes of bully gas + 3 minutes of happy event feel + 3 minutes of poisonous tongues + cruel dazzle is mad bully drag, can saying is to follow a role two-way hurried off to. Always performing this kind of instinctive quality to give the role that perform nevertheless also is to have advantages and disadvantages each. Advantageous is, “Type sheathing or bow case ” the high degree of professional proficiency that act law Huang Zitao has applied, in the without striking a blowing when the part of the 2 BKing in explaining this to plant. Picture most begin ” negotiation official ” the Xie Xiaofei in still was brought to Huang Zitao many complimentary, although the part is spat groove, but his acting still calculates nature.

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Follow him himself namely as to malpractice too resembled, this meets those who let him suffer numerous limits to change gradually on one hand narrow, on the other hand, see his progress very hard also as the actor. When just going out after all, encounter can making his ecru give the role that perform is lucky, can go out still performing oneself to more or less have a place for years ” do not beg aspirant ” . Although person play syncretic often has a netizen to speak Huang Zitao ” person play syncretic ” , very it’s hard to say this word is commendatory for him more still be derogatory sense, but if make fun of,he also accomplished life really, play is like life. No matter be in those days by when entire network is black, or sole rebounds later, a lot of netizens are black turn pink, “Honest and frank ” it is the largest tag on Huang Zitao body all the time. Homecoming 4 child all along evades refer each other, because,only he is met before teammate retreats a team to send long article angrily rebuke. When the individual small gain when other actor has reduced advertisement number, huang Zitao is fond of this small gain name not only, return a small gain to be sent when friend circle, even every small gain resembles delivering speech, fill from kinetic energy head the tone that gives him.

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He stays up late to be opposite with black pink on small gain not only line, rancor the vermicelli made from bean starch that removes oneself comes also is none be irresolute when firmness is needed. He says with vermicelli made from bean starch, want to see good-looking essence repair a graph not to see me, I do not come to that one, wanting to control me. When facing red to hear, the explanation of good sign of good word of other love beans, what Huang Zitao says vermicelli made from bean starch thinks severely directly is too much. Of course the person sets his warm blood to also be in continue all the time. On commonweal for instance he never lags behind, last year Henan big calamity, huang Zitao the nominal contribution with the company 3 million yuan, epidemic situation of the closest Jilin he also contribution contributes content. Somebody stars direct seeding takes money spicily too Low, he also is answered directly rancor this is a job, earn money also it doesn’t matter loses face.

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Eating all the way ” true disposition ” welfare, huang Zitao although professional ability is general, gave many special, however hardly the song of first one circle; Performed many play, never had considered a change however, the role is mostly same. He is recumbent cruel disposition and resource are cruel grow, but it seems that vermicelli made from bean starch and he is not importuned, achievement follows a reason. Want to say he does not try hard to also treat unjustly him a bit, he sings, act in a play, do put together art, returned him investment to do many homework. Though acting does not look to give progress and enterprise, but Zhou Xun also has said: Instinctive quality goes out perform you to also be gotten can act come out to just go, can act coming out also is to should rely on particular actual strength. In can acting 2 bully always, huang Zitao also calculates had proficiency in a particular line. But you should say him hard, also did not see what effect really.

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Many people like him, feel he is inside in amusement love beans rare ” living person ” , dare say to dare be done. Also can be this kind of person sets the instinctive quality that brings about him overmuch and even nowhere is released. On one hand, the exposure that instinctive quality lasts meets what somebody sets to turn over disrelish, on the other hand, do not have secret touch completely as the actor, the audience also can be taken harder and harder. Nowadays discharge after many shuffle, the economy of vermicelli made from bean starch after discharge turns over bite also is in iteration, the approach block that discharge transition takes the place of first and difficult. Life of honest and frank can continue, can think as actor Huang Zitao further, his ” true disposition ” acting came to an end possibly.

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