Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Cai Yilin is asked big S provides Jun Ye incident to say he has changed number for many times 20 years

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According to stage intermediary, for a long time of the Cai Yilin after the day appears not publicly, attend activity of commonweal of rarely ill foundation today, say frankly when past journey full grade, ask to working ego tall and angst is disturbed, nowadays because of epidemic situation instead rein in footstep. This half an year class of the wool on her, learn archery ” get along seriously ” , speak of big S and provide Jun Ye be apart 20 years the romantic story of meet again, cai Yilin breathes out continuously: “Very lovely! ” nevertheless she says she has changed telephone number for many times 20 years, the meaning below character, first love male friend wants to search to also cannot find her. Her the end of the year is passed to be about to restart make one’s rounds acts outside, she says frankly him repulsion is sung again, “Everybody has looked, (this make one’s rounds acts) about the same OK ” , nevertheless the staff member thinks to hope to bring a song to confuse an Ending, in be being prepared really, but time place is not definite still. As to new special, she is being prepared all the time, but the voice that cannot find oneself to want from beginning to end is a bit depressed, she is analogy of new special preparatory process ” antenatal is blue ” , she says: “In familiar industry, ego requirement, I am by the feeling, do not have method to be squeezed forcedly, do not know but with such appearance (antenatal is blue) , I had not been pregnant, resemble the uncertainty before the thing comes out namely. Resemble the uncertainty before the thing comes out namely..

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