Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Band of group of 29 years old of Wu Jun beyond gives Ceng Huo afresh ” cheerful male voice ” the whole nation 9 strong

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On March 28, dispatch of Wu Jun beyond states he means Jie Suoxin status, establish a band that belongs to oneself, online invite the happy hand that makes an appointment with have a common goal to realize a dream together: “I think this is the idea that each person that has deep love for music ever had had, grow through continuous study and ego, I feel present tense machine matured, my associate people where be? The arrival that awaits you and I become a group! ” it is reported, wu Jun beyond ever attended Hunan to defend 2010 inspect civilian to choose excellent program ” cheerful male voice ” , obtain 9 strong, Chengdu of countrywide to call an area the 2nd. He still is joined had acted ” Si Teng ” , ” colourful situation time new young person ” , ” the spring flower Qiu Yue of ministry of day Lei Yi ” wait for work.

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