Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Weir Smith hits the Si Lock in person Xiangke to apologize to appear on the stage: Force does not have a place to stay

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On March 29, dispatch develops Weir Smith appear on the stage to hit the Si Lock in person Xiangke to apologize: “Chris, I want to apologize publicly to you. My cross the border, I am wrong. I am very abashed, my behavior deviate the criterion that I am an upright person. In the world that is full of love and kindness, force does not have a place to stay. Force does not have a place to stay..

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Before this, kelisi Lock to Weir Smith the wife opened a fun, shi Mi of power Er · hit Kelisi on Si Chong one fist, cry greatly ” do not use you foul mouth mentions my wife name ” . It is reported, wife Jada of Weir Smith contracts trichomadesis disease, and Kelisi Lock takes Jada bald-headed say Jada for fun such bareheaded modellings can act directly ” devil daughter commons soldier ” .

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