Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Zhou Zhaocheng responds to acting small Shenyang to sue ” 10 thousand penknives ” one case: Will become the vane from media industry

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On March 27, from media person ” 10 thousand penknives ” dispatch says, actor small Shenyang with ” effigies authority issue ” for sue him, claim for compensation 183 thousand yuan. “10 thousand penknives ” already received subpoena of court of people of the division austral Shenyang city muddy, this case will be in sessional on April 20 cognizance. It is reported, this incident origin is 10 thousand penknives ” in public date article ” Xiaoshen is in relief ” explode red with too angry ” beginning and end ” 8 pieces of pictures that one article used small Shenyang, these photographs all come from media to interview check scheme, small Shenyang is sued accordingly ” 10 thousand penknives ” the effigies that encroached him counterpoises. “10 thousand penknives ” express: “In last few years, countless star are sued with effigies authority from media, a lot of be in from media of star sue before, make weak force group. I 10 thousand penknives, decide the station comes out, for my individual, also be broad from media friend, strive for rights and interests. ” ” 10 thousand penknives ” still mentioned oneself to ask in article ” national lawyer ” Zhou Zhaocheng acts as agent this case. It is reported, famous ” the playground buries cadaver ” case, ” run quickly woman’s bicycle advocate thought fors the time being ” case, ” south large broken dead body ” case, ” wrong substitution is born 28 years ” case all be representative of Zhou Zhaocheng place etc. Subsequently, zhou Zhaocheng says in gregarious platform dispatch: “The representative of this case will become a vane from media industry “

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