Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Li Chengxuan accompanies Qi Wei to see a doctor to the hospital relative osmund dress is comfortable and alvine slightly apophysis

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Recently, media of the Eight Diagrams pats Li Chengxuan to accompany Qi Wei to show body some hospital, li Chengxuan is wearing black fisher hat, wear grid shirt, qi Wei is wearing black peaked cap to lean close in Li Chengxuan shoulder. After the end, 2 people are followed in the staff member the hospital leaves together below travel, qi Wei wears black comfortable coat, alvine have some of upheaval it seems that it seems that. 2 people go to the front of the car, discover the car was stuck, subsequently, li Chengxuan is taking requisition to drive leave. It is reported, li Chengxuan Qi Wei already had one female, call Lucky Li Leqi, ghost horse demon, very lovely.

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